Cold Enamel Transparent Blue 120ml

Tootekood: T211
An epoxy enamel with a clean and bright shade for a durable and glossy finish.

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Cold enamels are two-component epoxy resins, which are cured by mixing the coloured resin with a suitable hardener according to the design of the object. Epoxy enamel colours can also be mixed to obtain new shades. Once the desired colour is obtained, the coloured enamel must be mixed with a suitable catalyst to achieve the curing of the enamel. Place the enamelled object in the oven for at least a few hours to dry. If the item cannot withstand the heat, keep it in a dust-free place for more than 24 hours. To ensure a high quality end result, it is necessary to mix the coloured enamel and the hardener in a fixed ratio, so we recommend using electronic scales with an accuracy of 0,1g. Depending on the design of the object to be enamelled, the appropriate hardener and the drying time and temperature must be selected.



Eve Ernst Vetter

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