Silver Soldering Paste Set 4x8g Nano Pepetools

Tootekood: BB-810S

Nano Silver Solder Paste is a homogeneous blend of micro fine spherical solder powder, flux and binder available in Extra Easy, Easy, Medium and Hard. The unique properties of paste solder make it perfect for use on, jump rings, in chain manufacture, on hollow items, attaching clasps and earring posts, repair work, and more.

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Save time on soldering with these cadmium-free silver paste soldering pastes, ideal for light and delicate jobs. The pastes combine solder and flux, ensuring that soldering does not use too much soldering fluid and minimising the need to re-solder the joint.

Also includes applicator nozzles to ensure precise control when applying product to minimise wastage.

The package contains 4×8 grams of paste plus applicator tips.

Contains extra soft, soft, medium and hard solder.

Flowing point and melting point:
Extra soft (56%) 652ºC and 618ºC.
Soft (65%) 718ºC and 671ºC
Medium (70%) 738ºC and 690ºC
Hard (75%) 788ºC to 740ºC

Made in USA
Cadmium free
Lead Free


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